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for the love of freaky infps
FUNNY FUNNY COMMENTS from other boards/groups:

You might be an INFP if...

Do you wonder how others can be content with their lives?
Do you loathe noise?
Do you find yourself staring at things and not wanting to stop?
Are you always tackling some question in your head?

When you spend a lot of time wondering if what you've said hurt anybody.

If your speech has extremely high inertia, you might be an INFP.
If you really really want to make the world a better place, but are
hestitant to do anything because it might make the world a worse place, you
might be a INFP.
If you have universal moral standards that you will not, and cannot explain
to anyone, but expect them to follow them anyways, and get angry when they
don't, you might be an INFP.
If you can see through, around, over, under, behind, and before things, but
cannot see the thing itself, you might be an INFP.

"Forming a (negative/positive) opinion on something you don't have direct
experience with because you heard other people's (negative/positive)

If you say excuse me when scooting around the cat.

Hearing of somebody else's experience, losing yourself in it with imagined
dialogue, and then feeling like you're in that situation now.

If you disagree with me, but spend half an hour debating whether or not to
say so for fear of hurting my feelings

get excited when you get a new notebook, but then are reluctant to write in
it because it will ruin its new-ness?
get excited when you read something that you feel describes you?
after you watch a movie, feel like you actually are your favorite

have trouble understanding things you can't feel?

Have trouble understanding how some people can live their lives without
questioning anything?

Finding that the way the world felt in your dream last night slightly
influenced the way the world actually feels today?

If you cry during a movie that isn't sad

If you cry when you see pure beauty

you go for awhile without talking with someone, or at least being interested
in what is being talked about, and then all of a sudden, something piques
your interest. Then, you go off on this soliloquy about it, and since you're
an INFP, inevitably you start discussing yourself because you feel so
intimately interlinked with whatever you are discussing that it's just
natural to do that. Then you wonder whether you hogged the conversation, or
whether someone thinks that you did, even if they don't say it. And then you
feel bad, because you're unsure.

If you've ever thought "I just need a few days of being depressed" so you
can find yourself again? Once you've found your "dark" side again, you
wonder what it's like to be happy...


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